At LAMEX Custom, we believe that the walls to your home are more than just partitions. Like canvasses, walls have the potential to create strong emotional impact and to make bold personal statements. They can entirely transform the look and feel of their immediate space. Like canvasses,  they hold the potential to make a place feel special. They hold the potential to make dreams into reality and we offer the tools to realise these dreams.

Established since 1993, LAMEX is the industry pioneer in Malaysia for being the first company to introduce wallpaper as a viable home-improvement and lifestyle product to Malaysian households. Today, LAMEX is the leading wallcoverings specialists in Malaysia and remains the only domestically-based manufacturer of wallcoverings in Malaysia with numerous state-of-the-art production facilities located throughout the nation. With this acumen, LAMEX will customise and transform your walls for you.

We have the know-how and technology to create the ultimate customised wallpaper for you.

Vinyl Coated Paper-Base

All of our wall murals are printed on lightly textured vinyl-coated paper base which LAMEX has mastered and produced for over 24 years. This wallcoverings base gives your wall mural more durability, water resistance and scratch resistance.

State-of-the-Art Machinery

All of our wall murals are produced utilising the most state-of-the-art machineries sourced from Europe as well as a careful production process, enabling us to create wall murals that are crisp and vibrant in colours that really pop.

Product Warranty Coverage

Our customers can gain security and peace of mind in our wall murals as we offer protective warranty policy that covers any manufacturing defects and product irregularities upon receiving their orders. We will replace defective products.

Dedicated Customer Service

Through the entire process of transforming your home, our staff will be available for your assistance. Whether you need help with deciding on the right image for your mural or assistance with installation, our team will always be ready to assist you.

24 Years of Industry Experience

LAMEX is the leading pioneer of wallcoverings and wall-material products since since 1993. For more than 2 decades, LAMEX has been crafting and producing wallcoverings endowing it with an acumen to create the products unrivalled in quality and beauty.

Fastest Wall Mural Service

Besides possessing a dedicated fully-staffed production operation for wall murals, LAMEX has one of the largest in-house delivery logistics network for home-decor products in Malaysia. As a result, we are able to quickly produce and deliver wall murals to our customers.