Tools Required


If you intend to install your wall mural by yourself, besides having the right wallpaper glue you must ensure that you have the following tools. 

(Note: you can always opt for installation by LAMEX’s specialist installation team with 20 years experience).

Step 1) Checking Your Wall Condition


Check to ensure that your wall is in pristine condition for wall mural installation. A dry and clean wall that is free from obstructions is important to ensure the durability of your installed wall mural. You can clean your wall with a cloth at this point if necessary.

Step 2) Finding the Panel Order & Size


Your wall murals will arrive in separate panels that all need to be installed in a specific order from left to right. Lay all the panels onto the ground and place them in the right order. Measure and remember the width of each panel.

Step 3) Mark Your Wall


Now that you know the size of each panel, use a pencil or marker to mark the width of each panel by drawing a straight line down in between each panel that is to be installed. This will be used as your reference as you install each panel.

Step 4) Apply Wallpaper Paste on Panel


Apply wallpaper paste onto your panel in chronological order immediately before you install them onto the wall following the drawn lines you made in Step 3. by making payment. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours based on your contact details given.

Step 5) Install Your Panels in Chronology from Left to Right


Apply your panels onto the wall in the right chronology from left to right. As all panels are printed with extra length for bleed area. Make sure to leave some bleed area (approx. 1 – 2  inches.) on each side of the wall mural (top, bottom, left, right). Do not trim the bleed area yet until every panel has been installed. Smooth any wrinkles and bubbles that show up before moving onto the next panel. 

Step 6) Pasting Panels Next To Each Other


Align the subsequent panel with the panels already installed by matching the image and colours on both panels, you can then cut the bleed area that may appear in the middle and peel away the excess.

Step 7) Finishing Off


Repeat the previous steps until all the panels are installed. You may then cut away at any excess and bleed still remaining, particularly the top and bottom. Ensure no wrinkles and bubbles exist and that all panels are aligned properly. Ensure there are no excess glue. You may then air the room by leaving the window or door open and letting the wall mural dry for approximately 3 days.

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